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The Chiles residence in Raleigh.

Tonic Design, a design studio, and Tonic Construction, a North Carolina-based construction company, are two separate but interacting entities. Together as a design-build firm, they create sensitive, modern, construction-led design solutions for all building types, including award-winning modern homes/new home construction, commercial, and cultural design and construction.

With the flexibility to take on the role of designer or general contractor (a builder for other designers), or both (designer/builder), our knowledge of construction and design is a valuable editing device for the work we produce, and it increases the scope of our influence on the final product. At no point during the design/build process are we leaving decisions up to third parties who may not share our passion — and our clients’ or other designers’ passions — for seeing the original vision for a project through to completion. Ultimately, as the designer and contractor, we are responsible for building and implementing our own designs.

As a methodology, we embrace the influence of construction on design (construction-led design) and design on construction as the fundamental premise that defines our work:

We begin a design project keenly aware of costs, the skill levels of subcontractors, regional market fluctuations, and available technologies. And we perceive the realization of a project, from drawing to construction, as a craft: a continuous refinement through process. Our subcontractors have an integral hand in the process of all of our work, and that collective body of knowledge, plus the level of participation, serves as a valuable editing device. We’re constantly aware of what can be designed and built for a specific place or price. Conversely, our collective body of knowledge and skills allow us to reach greater heights than perhaps a traditional firm could reach.

Katherine Hogan and Vinny Petrarca

Tonic Design + Tonic Construction is co-owned and operated by designers/principals Katherine Hogan, AIA, LEED AP; and Vincent Petrarca, Associate AIA, LEED AP

Street address: 127 W Hargett Street, #704 Raleigh, NC 27601

Phone: 919.793.5063


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